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DGC Logo
Tre Kul posing with CEO Andre Smith Jr.

Dominant Gene Carrier is a movement of remembrance perpetuated through racial socialization, positive and affirming imagery & apparel that challenges the lie of black inferiority. DGC is a constant visual reminder of who we are and where we come from. Reminding us to stay assertively aware and mindful that oppression only operates if we participate.


People of Color are Dominant Gene Carriers. It's a trait that we carry. As dominant gene carriers, we are not inferior or unworthy, as we are the only ones that procreate out of any race. We have never been and will never be inferior. When we remember who we are, WE will be liberated, empowered, and free from the impact of psychological enslavement and internalized racism. We ask you to wear this as a reminder and acknowledgment of

Who You Are!


*Proceeds from all sales support Black communities and training of Black healers and change makers!!!


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